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Intellectual Property

Advice in this area is one of the strengths of Puga Varela Canales, which, through comprehensive assistance to its clients, manages to add value and benefits to their undertakings.

We believe that the intangible assets of an individual or a company are one of the most sensitive elements within the development of the businesses that regard them.

Therefore, the protection of their trademarks, patents, copyrights, vegetable varieties, domain names on the Internet -to mention a few-, is a task that we develop with great dedication based on our experience. The same occurs in contracting, licensing, technology transfer and other aspects of the valuation process for these assets.

A.      Copyright: Artistic and literary works, architectural designs, works of art, engineering projects and computer programs, among others, are highly profitable assets for their authors. However, their profitability can become an illusion if they are not properly guarded.

B.      Trademarks: The advertising logos used to distinguish a product, services and establishments of our predilection, are the most valuable assets of those who offer, advertise and sell them. New brands of trademarks have also emerged – olfactory, tactile, auditory – that require protection and surveillance in Chile and abroad.

C.      Patents: Patents and Designs: Innovation is the basis of human development. International and local regulations reward those who create or innovate in useful products or procedures, as well as those who design aesthetically new items, granting them a monopoly exclusive right to commercially exploit these creations in the market. A complete advice is offered in the processing, safeguarding a management of invention patents, utility models, designs and industrial drawings, including the drafting and negotiation of all types of contracts related to it.

D.      Other intangible assets: Geographical Indications and Denominations of Origin protect products originated in a certain country or a specific region, in order to give them quality, reputation or other characteristic attributable to their geographical origin. Thanks to our experience in these matters, we provide extensive advice to our clients including everything from the preparation of the request to the exercise of legal actions against possible infractions. Industrial Property rights usually have limited protection over time. However, there are intangibles of the companies – which include experience and technical skills – that can be protected indefinitely through “Business Secrets”, as long as all the necessary factual and legal measures are taken to maintain the confidentiality of the information, such as contracts or agreements with those who have access to it.

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